When I come to the Edge, what am I investing in?

The choice to invest in the Edge fuels an economy of sufficiency, sustainability and gratitude.  It also fuels your own inner fire!

Over more than 20 years the Edge has hosted hundreds of events, thousands of guests and organically grown into the largest solar powered retreat centre in Canada.  Over the years many team members and partners have contributed their hands and hearts to helping grow our award-winning facility and nationally recognized experiences; as some of the best in Canada.

Northern Edge is a social enterprise, dedicated to offering affordable rates that maximize human and environmental wellness, while sustaining our retreat and awareness centre and our team.

Investing in Yourself:

Investing in A New Dream:

What if it was possible to co-create a new dream for humanity and the earth?  What if it was possible for a business enterprise to commit to providing rich experiences that change lives, while stimulating the local economy?  What if they could do it while living on the clean energy of the sun? And what would happen if others joined in sharing their vision and stepped forward to be the change they want to see everywhere in the world?

Northern Edge Algonquin would happen . . .  and twenty years later it would continue to evolve, and grow, nourishing and transforming lives.

The full name of our centre is: Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat and Awareness Centre.  We are not a resort, but an oasis from the busy world.  The Edge’s mission ‘Rediscover ourselves, empower each other, and heal the earth’ invites our guests to support a dream of personal fulfilment through caring and connecting.  We aim to help our guests experience greater joy in aspiring to join us in being the change we wish to see in the world.  Our guests have a lot of choice in where to travel, choosing to join us at the Edge may open your eyes to new ways of being and inspire you to live your life to its fullest potential.   We know it’s more expensive to stay at the Edge, and there are a few things you’ll see and experience that might be different from other travel experiences, but we think you’ll find it inspiring and rewarding.

With gratitude we acknowledge our guests as co-investors, coming together to stand for a common purpose of living in a world of environmental sustainability, balance, harmony, and peace. Thank you!

When you visit the Edge, your investment contributes towards:

  • A healthy local food culture with locally grown and prepared foods.  Your money goes directly into the hands of small independent local farmers and food providers.  Guests dine on healthy, home cooked meals featuring local, sustainably harvested foods, and organic/fair trade foods including fresh food right out of our garden, Gregor’s garden and other local food initiatives.
  • A diverse visitor economy that recognizes and values the contributions of artists and artisans, musicians, holistic care providers, yoga instructors and more.
  • Partnerships with local businesses including Canadore College, Highlander Brew Co., Stonemote Cottage, local teachers and guides and many more who help us live local.  All facility development projects are supported by purchasing from local businesses and using the services of local craftspeople.
  • Mentorship, training and employment of team members at the Edge may grow into new local businesses.  Over 20 plus years, many Edge team members have graduated to establish their own local enterprises including guides, educators, naturalists, photographers, food producers, yoga studios and more.
  • Direct employment of close to a dozen people in our small community of South River (pop. 1000).  Another dozen experience providers join us to enhance our programs from time to time.
  • Planning and preparing food that meets a wide variety of special dietary needs.
  • Providing private gathering spaces for small group events (indoors and outside) that allows retreat participants to fully embrace new learning opportunities.
  • Providing natural environments, gardens, and landscaped trails, supporting local trail initiatives and working with local forestry operations to ensure sustainable access to forests, lakes which provide wildlife connection opportunities.
  • Fresh flowers, cleaning and decorating for your event.
  • Providing program supplies such as chairs, blankets, creative art supplies, candles, canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, mountain bikes, cross-country skis, snowshoes, kick-sleds, yoga mats, yoga blocks, drums, and more.
  • Providing electricity from the sun.  Repairs, replacements, and upgrades of our solar power systems and facilities.
  • Laundry services to clean linens and other items at our office in South River.
  • Providing wood supply for the warmth and enjoyment of fire stoves, campfires, and sauna.
  • Facility development to provide greater levels of guest comfort, including the creation of new spaces for guests like the sauna, hive deck, greenhouse & apiary, and new kitchen expansion, log cabin construction, demonstration of passive powered refrigeration systems.
  • The cleaning & maintenance of our facilities, grounds, and equipment.
  • Gardens, landscaping, signage.
  • The services of program coordinators, guest services, kitchen & facility staff, hosts, and facilitators.  Making these jobs available to locals in our community at a living wage.
  • At our office in town: office supplies, communications services, electricity.
  • Hosting conference calls, website management and hosting of social networks for participants of some programs.
  • The development of promotional materials, marketing and awareness-raising of Edge experiences.
  • Insurance, accounting, bookkeeping and legal costs.
  • Dream time and team retreat days to find direction in the evolution of the Edge and our programs.

How can I deepen my contribution?