When I come to the Edge, what am I investing in?

The choice to support the Edge fuels an economy of sufficiency, sustainability and generosity.  It also fuels your own inner fire:

Northern Edge is a social enterprise, dedicated to offering affordable rates that maximize human and environmental wellness, while sustaining our retreat and awareness centre.

Invest in Yourself

Invest in Our Dream:

Over almost two decades, the principle reason our centre has continued to evolve and offer programs has been the generosity of founder and patron Martha Lucier, who has contributed financially to cover outstanding expenses required to offer these programs with care.

We see our guests as co-investors who provide some of the economic investment required to maintain and support this socially and environmentally focused enterprise.

When you visit the Edge, your dollars go towards:

  • Providing guests with healthy, home cooked meals featuring local, sustainably harvested foods, and organic/fair trade foods including fresh food right out of our garden, Gregor’s garden and other local food initiatives.
  • Planning and preparing food (and snacks) that meets a wide variety of special dietary needs.
  • Providing private gathering spaces (indoors and outside) that allow retreat participants to fully embrace new learning opportunities.
  • Space preparation before a retreat including fresh flowers, cleaning and decorating.
  • Providing program supplies such as chairs, blankets, creative art supplies, candles, canoes, kayaks, SUP boards, cross-country skis, snowshoes, kick-sleds, yoga mats, yoga blocks, drums, and more.
  • Heating and providing electricity and the comforts of home to visitors to our off-the-grid home.  Repairs, replacements, and upgrades of these systems.
  • Laundry services to clean linens and other items at our office in South River.
  • Facility development to provide greater levels of guest comfort, including the creation of new spaces for guests like the sauna, hive deck, greenhouse & apiary, and kitchen expansion.
  • The cleaning & maintenance of our facilities, grounds, and equipment.
  • Gardens, landscaping, signage.
  • The services of program coordinators, guest services, kitchen & facility staff, hosts, and facilitators.  Making these jobs available to locals in our community.
  • At our office in town: office supplies, communications services, electricity.
  • Hosting conference calls, website management and hosting of www.PeaceVillages.com social network for participants of some programs.
  • The development of promotional materials, marketing and selling spaces for events.
  • Insurance, accounting, bookkeeping and legal costs.
  • Countless hours of dream time to find direction in the evolution of the Edge and our programs.

How Else can I Contribute to the Dream of the Edge?