Testimonials from former team members:

What they have to say about working at the Edge . . .

Considering applying to work with us at Northern Edge Algonquin? We want you to have a full picture of what you’re getting into. Here’s what others had to say about their experiences working at the Edge:

“I think that this place and team attract a lot of folks searching for something, who have big dreams—myself included. I was given the opportunity to job craft, in the sense that if there was something I was interested in pursuing, they provided me as many opportunities as they could to explore it within the sphere of my work and it really helped me learn a lot about myself personally and professionally. I appreciated their openness to new ideas and their tendency to look for solutions rather than problems. They are quite wonderful at meeting you where you are, encouraging self-discovery and finding what it is that lights you up in life and work. I am a firm believer that the universe brings you what you need at just the right time and then sends you on your way, and I definitely needed to come to the Edge! It was out of the box in the sense of my career trajectory at the time, but a wonderful way to set me on a path that feels far more aligned for me and for that I will forever be grateful.”

Danielle Marr, Guest & Group Relations