Erin Jackson – Youth Leadership Coordinator / Intern

This summer, Erin is joining us as an intern from the University of Windsor to study the effects of disconnecting from technology. As part of her research she has decided to take full advantage of our “Unplug’d” nature retreat facility and unplug from her iPhone and social media.


Erin will be taking on a variety of roles around the Edge throughout the summer to create the richest learning experience possible; the Edge is her classroom. If you are looking for Erin you can expect to find her on/near the water or at mealtime; her favourite parts of the day. You can contact her through her Northern Edge email address or if it can wait – she would love to receive a handwritten letter in the spirit of disconnection!

Erin loves to travel and spent some of her undergraduate degree studying in Australia visiting some other destinations along the way. She is a curious spirit with a passion for people and adventure; she would love to hear your stories so feel free to find her and share!

Erin feels most alive where there is water, music, and laughter.

[email protected]