Erin Jackson – Retreat Host

Erin first joined us in 2016 as an intern from the University of Windsor, working at the Edge while studying the effects of disconnecting from technology.


As part of her research she took full advantage of our “Unplug’d” nature retreat facility and unplugged from her iPhone and social media for the whole summer of 2016!

After her internship, Erin moved on from working full-time at the Edge – we are SO happy to welcome her back on occasion as a retreat Host!  Erin is always learning & growing, and she has a wonderful personality that will make you feel right at home during your stay at the Edge.

Erin loves to travel and spent some of her undergraduate degree studying in Australia visiting some other destinations along the way. She is a curious spirit with a passion for people and adventure.  Erin feels most alive where there is water, music, and laughter.