Doug Mannen


Growing up in S. Ont. on a farm near Brantford offered many early opportunities for Doug to explore and discover.

After graduating High School with an Honours Science Tech and Trade degree, majoring in Geography, he went on to University of Waterloo and successfully completed a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography. Following that Doug attended U.W.O. and fulfilled his dream graduating with a B.ED. specializing in behavioural studies in Special Education. After 35 years of professional educating, Doug retired in 2009.

At that point Doug began to explore working with local indigenous elders, deepening his connection to the spirit of nature. Doug attended a Journey Within: Basic Shamanism retreat at The Edge and progressed through our Two Year Program & Way of the Circle training, eventually becoming a part of the guiding circle for the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies & taking on numerous opportunities to co-facilitate CCSS programs and continue his lifelong spiritual growth.

Doug also volunteers in local schools to offer hand drumming workshops, storytelling, and animal adaptation teachings.

Doug feels most alive when he is story writing, hand drumming and singing, walking in Nature (studying the connection of all), reading, cooking, gardening and dreaming.  He looks forward to sharing these passions with guests at the Edge.

Wings & Things

Doug facilitates an up-close look at animal artifacts found in the wild.  See & feel the feathers, antlers, and fur of local wildlife; learn about their habitats and habits, and hear traditional stories & local folk-lore.