Kieran Kelly

Adventure Guide

A life-long local of Kawawaymog Lake, Kieran grew up spending his summers right next to the Edge. When it comes to the North-Western corner of Algonquin Park, few are as knowledgable as Kieran.

Kieran has spent his last six years working and traveling around the world – from Europe and south east Asia to Australia and New Zealand, Kieran’s travels have granted him a wealth of world experience. His love for travel cannot, however, keep him from spending his summers¬†at his favourite place in the world.

Keiran feels most alive when taking in the nature of Algonquin Park, and sharing it with others.

“Kieran’s wit, humour, world-experience, politeness and gentle motivation was exactly what we needed to enjoy our stay to the fullest. His instruction and conscientious attitude towards our safety were always foremost and alleviated many worries for amateurs!¬† Kieran constantly asked each guest what their wishes were and made sure each of us had our wishes granted.” – Karen H