Tim Lucier

The son of Northern Edge Algonquin co-founders Todd and Martha, Tim grew up at the Edge and has been a lifelong team member.

Tim aims to help everything at the Edge to run simply & efficiently.  As our Director of Operations, he coordinates program development, promotions, recruiting & staffing, receptive & group sales, website development, and more.

As a facilitator, “Tidy Tim” co-creates solutions for living & working more joyfully (He’s a Certified KonMari Consultant, yoga teacher, and “habits nerd”!). If Tim is hosting your retreat, he’ll be excited to teach Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Cross-Country Skiing, and Yoga.  You might also be able to convince him to break out his ukulele and sing around the campfire.

Tim feels most alive when he is “in the sunshine, by water”, exploring with friends, keeping active, and making music.  He’s an avid traveler and an active member of local theatre and fitness communities.

“Live simply, spend time in the sun, and explore with curiosity.”