Tim Lucier

The son of Northern Edge Algonquin co-founders Todd and Martha, Tim balances his time between living & working at the Edge and engaging his passion for performance, fitness, and travel.

Tim aims to help everything at the Edge to run simply & efficiently.  As our Director of Operations and a voice in our leadership circle, he coordinates program development, promotion, recruiting & staffing, sales, and more.

As a facilitator and leader, Tim invites us to live simply, dream big, and explore with curiosity.  In addition to being a registered Yoga teacher (RYT500), qualified Aerial Yoga instructor, certified Animal Flow instructor, Tim draws on his experience working in the youth travel industry as well as years of mentorship in the Way of the Circle Centre and co-creating and facilitating transformational retreats at the Edge. In pursuit of fitness and vitality, Tim discovered and studied the science of habits & how to change them. In his minimalism journey and training with Marie Kondo he embraced the value of intuitive decision-making.  These are two passions he loves to share.

Tim’s love of movement began with dance, and has since grown to encompass a handstand & hand-balancing practice, yoga, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, calisthenics, stand-up paddleboarding, and cross fitness.  As someone who pushes his body to it’s “edge”, Tim has a deep appreciation for safe movement, mobility, breath, and recovery to allow our bodies to keep doing what they do best. He continues to nourish his passion for music, theatre, and dance in Huntsville. (You may be able to convince him to break out his ukulele and sing around the campfire!)

Tim lives, works, and plays at the Edge – but as an avid traveler and an advocate for transforming work-life balance, he takes regular “remote work” journeys, and has most recently been living between here and Greece. A lifelong learner, Tim feels most alive when he is “in the sunshine, by water”, exploring with friends, keeping active, and making music.

“Live simply, dream big, and explore with curiosity” are Tim’s guiding principles in life & leadership.

Upcoming programs at the Edge that Tim is supporting:

The Habit Reset

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