Heartlines: Wellness, Restoration, & Resiliency Retreats for Communities of Service

Renewing in nature, we invite rest and connection. Following our heartlines to nourish our inner healer, we honour our stories and generate health in mind, body and spirit. Together, we chart a heart-strong course for hope, vitality and purpose.

As caretakers, health and emergency support workers, and frontline workers, your focus has been on supporting your community – sometimes prioritizing those needs above your own.

The Heartlines Retreat is our remedy for burnout, stress, and fatigue.  Through time spent unplugged in nature, experience together a variety of wellness activities which will engage dreamtime, adventure, creativity, and community connection. 

It’s time to prioritize your own mental health and wellbeing . . .  Tend to the heart, experience restoration, and recover your resiliency in nature. Experience:

Who is this retreat for, and what’s included?

The Heartlines Retreat is available for pre-formed groups of frontline workers in need of rest and rejuvenation – a need that is bigger now than ever:  PSWs, nurses, paramedics, doctors, those helping in shelters or group homes, mental health professionals, police, firefighters, teachers & teacher’s aids, and caregivers.

We seek to partner with organizations and programs who are in a position to identify and financially support appropriate groups and communities for this program.

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • It’s all included:  private & unplugged gathering spaces, meals & accommodations, program development and facilitation, equipment and materials, from $916/person.

Next Steps

Ready to bring your community of frontline workers to the Edge?

  • Connect with us via the chat widget to check availability and begin the planning process!
  • The Heartlines retreat experience is available to groups of 8+ frontline workers.