CCSS Scholarship Fund

There is a space in the circle reserved for you, when you are ready…

The CCSS Scholarship Fund has existed since the beginning of the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies.  In acknowledgement of the benefits of program participation, we know not everybody feeling called to this path has the funds to participate in a Heart Foundations program.

All fundraising undertaken by the Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies goes towards our Scholarship Fund – this includes sales of our Songlines album, Donations received from current & past circle members, and Marketplace Exchanges that are offered at the end of each retreat.

Scholarship Donations & Sponsorships

Scholarship Applications


  • Scholarships are intended for individuals who feel called to the Heart Foundations program but do not have the financial means to register without assistance.
  • Scholarship Applicants must be aligned with the “9 C’s” of the Way of the Circle.
  • Successful recipients invest in a Scholarship Deposit, a financial commitment to attend their retreat, in the amount of $50, $100, or $150.  This amount contributes directly to future scholarship recipients, and is due upon registration after we have confirmed your scholarship.


Those wishing to apply for a Scholarship to attend a Heart Foundations Retreat fill out & submit our Scholarship Application Form.

Scholarships are not guaranteed, and are offered only when funds allow.

After filling out the initial application form, applicants may be invited for an interview (in person or over the phone) with a member of our circle to assess their suitability for a scholarship, at which point any next steps will be identified.