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Ancestral Threads: Rooting Connections Through Waves of Change

May 15, 2020

Grandmother Cedar has been a voice of the Great Mother, calling us home. The time of living our lives externally has come to an end. We must find our way back home to ourselves; our inner life and drink from our inner well and light. Our disconnection from Mother Earth; the power of creation and spiral of life has led to disharmony, emptiness, war, conflict, and unfulfilled lives. We are now at the Great Turning point, moving to the centre of the spiral, going within to the place of oneness. It can be a treacherous journey without tools to navigate the dark passages; however, we have the light of our hearts to lead the way.

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On Autumns Doorstep: a time of change

August 28, 2010

Autumn is a time for the leaves to change colour and this year Northern Algonquin outfitter Northern Edge is evolving too. As summer days grow

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How are retreats affected by COVID-19?

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