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Wooed by Winter

November 25, 2015

So your summer romance has ended.  In some countries, “summer lovin'” can last the whole year.  Here in Canada we just have to face the

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How good is your Algonquin Park Dog Sled Command Vocabulary

January 14, 2014

Dog sledding is a sport that involves a harmonious relationship between dogs and musher.  Note that I said musher, not rider . . . and

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Algonquin Park Dog Sledding Adventures

February 26, 2013

Where can you go Dog Sledding at Algonquin Park? Why here of course! And this is what it looks and feels like – sort of. Dog

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Downward Dog Sledding & Yoga Retreat at Algonquin Park

February 2, 2013

Who’s got the Perfect Winter Weekend with Yoga? Northern Edge Algonquin, that’s who! I’d say add a little yoga practice, mix in a little adventure

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How are retreats affected by COVID-19?

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