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Soul Art by Jane Large

Returning Home, by Jane Large

Shaman of My Own Life

By Jane Large (CCSS Collective Member)

During a tele-class with Laura Hollick, creator of Soul Art, she said, “We need the Shaman to show us a new vision.” And at that moment I realized I am becoming the Shaman of my own life. I am learning to dream a new dream. I am beginning to remember, to realize, the truth at the centre of my being. And at that moment I also began to understand that although I have had numerous supporters, mentors and teachers over the years, individuals who assisted me when I could not assist myself, individuals I still look to for support and guidance, I now look less and less to the outside for guidance and look more within, knowing that within me is my own Spirit who acts as my own Shaman, my own guru, my own inner guidance system, my own anchor. I realized that for the first time I am taking full responsibility for my life and my choices.

It is a pretty magical place to be, to realize I have an infinitely wise guide within my own heart. It is a place where the inner world within me becomes my guide and my strength. It is a place where my inner voice, my heart, my inner wisdom and connection to all there is – to the ONE WHOLE- is my compass. It is also a place where I choose to connect, share and learn instead of needing or demanding that someone else “fix me” and figure out my mess. It is a place where I choose the way in which I will shape and live my life.

For a long time I had forgotten about my own inner compass. I had forgotten that I am the Shaman of my own life. My inner light, guidance system, became clouded by pain, fear, loss and the influence of the outside world that I let in. For a long time I was like a little sail boat with a broken sail, bobbing in the ocean, not able to find its path or direction. It was a time of forgetting my truth, so some of the directions I chose to take, because my light had become so dim and my inner compass was so clogged up with gunk, because the bowl of light in my heart was weighed down with so many stones, lead me down a dark path, a path with little light at the end of the tunnel. And as I continued to move away from my truth and took on more and more stones into my bowl of light, my inner light got smaller and dimmer, until I was in a very dangerous place, a place where shadow was living my life and “me” was almost gone.



Home Practice

Autumn invites us to turn inward where we can deeply tend to our heart flame within. Connect with a natural light source –a campfire, a candle flame, the sun – and allow it’s light to guide you into your heart flame’s wisdom within. Ask your heart flame: 
* How am I yearning to change now? Listen to the answers that come. 
* What repeating answers have been coming to me already? 
* What simple, next step can I take to nourish my heart flame within? What action helps me be freer, lighter and brighter?

The Pain of Separation

Play video

The Pain of Separation: The Longing

A most stunning and inspiring video about the heart wisdom within.

“We all pass through stages on this journey, on this journey that begins with the home sickness of the heart. If the soul wants you to go home…”



Yoga with Carly Stong

Restore & Renew Yoga Retreat

November 14-17, 2014

Yoga teacher and owner of Life Yoga Studios in Kingston, Carly Stong, guides a journey of restoring body and soul. Access infinite resources of rest and relaxation that we all possess. All experience levels welcome.

CCSS members, Gwenith Kikkawa and Vicki Arsenault, assist in the unfolding of this retreat in the way of the circle.


Book Now


▪ Register with a friend or family member and save 10% with code: 2ormore
▪ Follow link to “Book it now” or, call 1-888-383-8320


Heart Flame of Shamanism Training

January 16-18, 2015

In the dark and quiet night of winter we gather around the shaman’s flame to spark creativity, restoring the soul and emerging anew.

Connect with: 
* Your helping spirits 
* Power of Nature 
* Ancestral wisdom 
* Your indigenous soul 
* Teacher within


Book Now


▪ Follow link to “Book it now” or, call 1-888-383-8320


Soul Pathways of Shamanism

One Year Program

Are you feeling the call to come home?

Program Intending: 
Opening to the rainbow, we free ancient wisdom, and nourish our indigenous soul connections as we activate our gifts, purpose, and power.

Program Dates: 
* Fri. Feb. 20 – Sun. Feb. 22, 2015 
* Fri. May 22 – Sun. May 24, 2015 
* Fri. Aug. 21 – Sun. Aug. 23, 2015 
* Fri. Nov. 20 – Sun. Nov. 22, 2015

* Existing shamanic practice with an ability to journey and connect with spirit guides 
* Experience of a CCSS training program (Heart Foundation Training, Two Year Training Program, or Basic Shamanism Training) 
* or, Equivalent shamanic experience

Stay tuned for more registration details.

If you are interested, contact CCSS Coordinator Gwenith Kikkawa:[email protected], 888-383-8320 ext. 4

Celtic Shamanism

Celtic Shamanism Training

Two Year Program

With Andrew Steed

Training will explore:
* The Wild Hunt 
* Celtic Gods & Goddesses 
* Brighid medicine 
* The 4 Gateways and the Centre 
* Tuatha De Dannan 
* Working with the 3 strands of poetry: sorrow, joy, and peace 
* Journeying into the strands of life, death, and rebirth 
* The way of the Bard 
* Celtic story telling and reclaiming 
* Rhiannon and Celtic aspects of Sovereignty 
* Amrum & the sacred breath of the Dragons, weaving dragon lines within us 
And beyond……..!

Program dates: 
* Wed. Oct. 28 – Sun. Nov. 1, 2015 
* Wed. Apr. 20 – Sun. Apr. 24, 2016 
* Wed. Oct. 12 – Sun. Oct. 16, 2016 
* Wed. Apr. 5 – Sun. Apr. 9, 2017

Stay tuned for more registration details.

If you are interested, contact CCSS Coordinator Gwenith Kikkawa:[email protected], 888-383-8320 ext. 4

CCSS Affinity Program

Financial Assistance?

CCSS Affinity Program
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* Earn referral revenue for your personal income, community or business

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Contact CCSS Coordinator Gwenith Kikkawa: [email protected], 888-3838320 x4

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