The Circle Way Newsletter: Awakening Our Dragon Potential

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Tom Cowan‘Dreaming of Ireland’ painting by Johnathan Harris

Following the Dragon Lines to the Great Song of Creation

by: Martha Lucier (CCSS co-founder & collective circle member)

Last summer, a month before the Society for Shamanic PractitionersUK conference, a small group of friends gathered in the heart of Muskoka, Ontario. As we unveiled the spirits, through drumming, singing and rattling I found myself standing at the foot of an ancient labyrinth. An open field lay to my right, as I witnessed people erecting colourful tents and wearing whimsical clothing, just like in fairytales.

Unicorns and griffins (lions with eagle wings), faeries and other mythical beings gathered with excitement, knowing they and their music would soon come alive in the hearts and minds of humans again. A veil was removed, opening us to this magical realm, bridging heaven and earth through our open hearts.

All of the Beings at this medieval gathering encircled two Dragons that were facing each other as they breathed fire into the other’s heart. One dragon was a brilliant fiery red and gold, while the other dragon was red and turquoise. The powerful flame cleared the pathways of our collective heart, awakening ancient seeds of wisdom that had lain dormant.

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Andrew Steed

Celtic Shamanism Retreat: Powering Up The Dragon Lines

April 4 – 6, 2014

What do the Celtic Ancestors have to impart to us about these times of great transformation?

Join us with our special guest, Andrew Steed, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Bard, and leader of sacred travel experiences in the British Isles and Ireland.

Imagine connecting with an intimate group of seekers who are excited about being immersed in nature, answering a spiritual calling to gather in a circle community to explore Celtic Shamanism. With the guided expertise of Andrew Steed this unique experience offers an opportunity for us to open our hearts, free our authentic voices, and expand our imaginations. We will deepen our connection to the Celtic ancestors through magical chanting and participating in a Celtic cleansing ceremony. Through the exploration of the Celtic Medicine Wheel we will empower ourselves for these times of great transformation, as we power up the dragon lines.

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Retreat Experience Includes:

▪ 3 days/2 nights of accommodation and meals at Ontario’s award-winningNorthern Edge Algonquin Park nature retreat centre
▪ Daily experiential learning of Celtic Shamanism practices and beliefs
▪ Lakefront wood-fired sauna experiences
▪ Mouth-watering locally grown, organic meals

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▪ $495: use referral code DRLINE
▪ $595: after March 15th
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Home Practice

Through shamanic journeying, or another method of question exploration, we invite you to ask:
* What is our greatest potential as a shamanic community to contribute to the Soul Song of the Earth and fulfill the greatest need that we see?

Share with others the answers you find within on Peace Villages!



Drumming on the edge of Round LakeCircle member drumming on the Edge of Round Lake

Heart Flow of Shamanism Training: East/Spring

April 11 – 13, 2014

Join us in learning how to restore spiritual health and personal power. Led by the beat of a traditional shamanic drum, enter a natural altered state of consciousness exploring hidden worlds traveled by our ancient ancestors.

Theme: We embrace and gift the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

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Trainings include:
* Shamanic healing tools
* Connecting with spirit guides
* Exploring gifts and purpose
* Co-creating ceremony
* Community building
* Creative expression
* Being in nature
* Teleconference mentoring
* Online learning community

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One Ocean-1Amazon River channels flowing into Atlantic Ocean

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