The Circle Way Newsletter: Dreaming Spring Awake

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How Are You Dreaming Spring Awake?

CandleBrighid’s Flame


By: Andrew Steed (Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Bard, and leader of sacred travel experiences in the British Isles and Ireland)

Brighid, she is a Goddess of the fire, the healing plants dried by her flame, the Bardic stories magically weaved in her dancing light and the Smith’s inspired touch shaping her kiss into the tools and decorative art ware of the Celtic tribes. Brighid and 19 nuns tended a fire that was lit in the fifth century. After she passed into spirit the fire blazed bright for a 1,000 years before Henry VIII looked to douse the flames. A fire that strong burns brilliantly within the ethers waiting for those to carry it once more into the physical plane. In 1992 it was rekindled by the Brigidine Sisters, the sacred flame of Brighid tended once more shining in the Church of the Oak, the town of Kildare in Ireland.

Andrew singing on bridge“Brighid is as her name suggests, the one who bridges it.”

I have sat with Sister Mary Minehan on several occasions whilst on pilgrimage in Kildare and have lit candles from the Brighid flame. I am excited to share that the Sisters are moving to the new Solas Bhride Centre. They have been visioning and manifesting this for several years. It is an auspicious moment. The flame of Brighid will be giving more space to breathe. Her flame is expanding!

On my travels to Canada I will carry one of these candles…



Home Practice

Journey to Brighid’s flame. How are you being invited to dream spring awake? What seeds of life wish to be planted and nourished in your garden?


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Andrew SteedClick on image to listen to Brighid’s Song

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Date: April 4-6, 2014

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~ Andrew Steed


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Join Andrew and others called to connect and share about Celtic Shamanism

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Spring: East

Date: April 11-13, 2014

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Program Theme: We embrace and gift the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

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“I had such a great weekend at the Edge. I went not knowing what to expect and somewhat apprehensive about the things my “inner voice” was telling me. It turned out that my inner voice was Spirit calling me for healing, rebirth and inspiration. Through all of you providing opportunity and guidance to explore shamanism, I truly believe that my soul has been retrieved and wants to play!! How exciting is that!!! Your collective warmth and love made the Edge a very safe place to allow the Work to begin in me and I thank you from my Heart Flame for that!” ~ Brian Gillespie (CCSS Collective Circle Member)

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