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The elixir of life


Honey Comb

Sweetness Of Life

By Jane Large (CCSS Collective Member)

What would it be like to be the sacred container for the sweetness of life? What would it smell like, feel like, taste like? What would it look like or be made of?

One night I had a most profound dream. I was in a bee yard trying to collect honey. I was running about with many little mugs trying to collect the overflow of honey that was flowing eagerly from the hives. I was so frantic because honey was running everywhere and going on the ground. I didn’t want the honey to get wasted.

I abruptly woke up and with the urgent message, “I am the container. How can I be the container for the sweetness of life?” I felt the importance of getting up, even though it was 4:00am, to journey on this dream and seek more clarity. I sat in my meditation room and breathed for a bit. Then I felt a strong call to pick up my drum and move into a journey where I received some pieces that answered that question – How can I/we be the container for the sweetness of life?



Home Practice

For this home practice, please obtain, if possible, locally produced raw honey. Raw honey has not been pasteurized and contains nutrients that processed honey does not. Eating raw honey has many health benefits and is our best way of honouring the life of the bees that worked so hard to produce it. When you have your honey, please read the full home practice activity and then take time to do the activity when you have sufficient time and space to go within.

Use all of your senses to take in the beauty of the honey. Take time to taste the honey, allowing it to melt in your mouth and imagine every cell in your being receiving this pleasurable sweetness. As you allow the honey to melt in your mouth and into your cells, imagine yourself letting go. Let go of what holds you back behind the threshold, what holds you back from experiencing the full sweetness of life. Let the bags drop from your hands and transform into doves of peace, fluttering in your heart. Let your eyes see with forgiveness of whatever needs forgiving. Let your hands reach out and embrace that which you have rejected and disowned for so long. Let your senses drink in what is just behind the veil. Let your senses take in the sweetness of life, into your heart, into your head and into your very cells.

As you taste the honey, breath deeply into your heart centre and reflect on the following questions of how you can be the container for the sweetness of life (perhaps writing down the answers that come):
* What needs to change within me, so that I can receive the sweet nectars of life that are waiting for me?
* Is there bitterness in me? If so, how can I melt it into sweetness?
* What fear do I need to face, look in the eye and allow to transform, so that I can flow with joy instead?

Alternatively, you may also wish to visit a local bee yard to do this journey or ask the bees to share with you their wisdom regarding these questions in a journey or dreamtime.


Love, Peace, Reflections

Medicine Song Woman, Brenda MacIntyre, shares with us a song that celebrates how our expression of love pours out into this world when we fill ourselves with it within.

Love  Peace Reflections


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