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Turtle on painted tile  from Islamd of Oahu  Hawaii

Turtle Medicine

Trusting the Shelter of My Heart’s Wisdom

By Jane Large, CCSS Collective Member

I have been working with the medicine of Turtle for a few months now. The Turtle medicine within me is calling me to come out of my shell; out of hiding from behind the layers of armor I created to “protect” myself. The medicine of Turtle is calling me to move from a need to protect myself by hiding from life, to trusting in the shelter of my own heart’s wisdom.

Turtle’s shell physically protects its soft heart and internal organs providing a mobile “home”. Turtle pulls into it’s shell (into itself) for extra protection to survive the attacks of predators, When the threat is gone, Turtle comes out again, knowing it’s shell is there for protection.

Turtle knows it does not need to stay in its shell all the time. If it stays insides it’s shell for too long it may die. Turtle needs to come out of it’s shell to seek and find nourishment; food, water and interactions with it’s surroundings and other turtles. Turtle is very wise. It knows when to use it’s shell for safety and physical protection when there is true danger, and when to relax and come out to experience the joys of Turtle life.

Turtle reminds me that there are certain situations in my life when I am called to retreat into myself for a time, for reflection, to set healthy boundaries in a relationship or to leave a dangerous physical experience. Yet it is paramount to come out again once the threat is gone embracing the fullness of life again, trusting myself that I am capable of connecting to the shelter of my own heart’s wisdom.



Home Practice

Set a sacred space by connecting with an element: perhaps smudging, lighting a candle, holding a crystal or stone, or listening to natural water sounds. Take a few deep breaths and come into your heart. Imagining yourself as a turtle, connect with the shelter of your own heart’s wisdom and ask:

▪ Are there any layers of armor that I am ready to let go of?
▪ How can I remain open to participating in life when I may feel vulnerable?
▪ What can help me stay grounded while I am allowing my emotions to flow?


Dig Down, Reach High

CCSS collective members (and special guest Luna Carone) sing a song about digging deep and reaching high…
Click on the image below to listen to the song.

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painting by Tanya Torres

Turtle Dreams

Turtle Dreams by Martha Lucier

Go Deep!

From Martha Lucier, CCSS Co-Founder & Collective Member

While on a recent vacation to Tulum, Mexico, I participated in a Mayan Temazcal Ceremony, similar to a sweat lodge. In the morning I awoke from a powerful dream.

I was in a boat on the ocean driven by a fellow circle member ‘Jan Beaver’. Grandmother moon was shining in her fullness and the waters were illuminated with varying vibrant shades of aqua, as though there were lights beaming up from deep within the ocean.

Sea turtles began to swim alongside our boat followed by the whales. Both turtles and whales were breaching out of the water to connect with us. There was a feeling of great excitement and exhilaration within us and our sea relatives, and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the beauty and gift of life.

I was standing at the bow of the boat as I spotted a young turtle swimming straight towards us, in the direct path our boat was heading. Concerned for it’s safety, I yelled to get the turtle’s attention, repeating the words ‘Go deep!’….’Go very, very deep!’ and then I awoke.

The Temazcal Ceremony helped me to shed layers, preparing me to journey deep like the whales and turtles, returning to the beauty and flow of life.

What might it be like to gift yourself with the permission to journey deep beneath the layers?



Soul Pathways

Soul Pathways by Martha Lucier

Soul Pathways of Shamanism

One Year Program

This year long Soul Retrieval Training, is for those who are ready to dig deep beneath the surface, through rock and roots to the living story, returning ‘home’ to the fullest expression of who you are. As we carve new soul pathways, we will spread our wings of freedom, flowing love into all of life.

As we deepen our commitment to our soul pathways, we leave new tracks for our children and grandchildren, guiding them home to their hearts as we come more fully home to ours.

Program Dates:
* Feb. 20 – Feb. 22, 2015
* May 22 – May 24, 2015
* Aug. 19 – Aug. 23, 2015
* Nov. 20 – Nov. 22, 2015


Requirements For Applying

▪ An existing shamanic practice with a confident ability to journey and connect with spirit guides.
▪ Completion of a ‘Heart Foundation of Shamanism Training’, ‘Journey Within: Basic Shamanism Retreat’, or ‘Two Year Advanced Training in Shamanism’ with CCSS.
▪ Special consideration will be given to those with other equivalent shamanic experience or training.
▪ View Soul Pathways Payment Plan

Heart Light

Heart Light by Martha Lucier

Heart Flow of Shamanism Training

April 17 – 19, 2015

Embrace and gift the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

Transform your Life with the support of shamanic tools, a circle community, and journeying through living ceremony.


Book Now


▪ Follow link to Book it now or, call 1-888-383-8320

Circle of Stones

Circle of Stones by Martha Lucier

Celtic Shamanism

Two Year Program

With Andrew Steed

In this program you will:
* Power up your life story.
* Embody the way of the circle and build a sustainable community of love, peace and unity.
* Experience the exponential collective power and ability to work deeply with the land.
* Connect to the blueprint within stories of Celtic myth and folklore.
* Reclaim your ancestral roots and indigenous soul connection to the earth.
* Apply Celtic aspects of Sovereignty as guardians of the land.
* Weave the Dragon lines within us and the worlds within the worlds.
* Stir the Cauldrons of Inspiration and Rebirth.
* Experience the Wild Hunt.
* Work with the shamanic gifts of poetry.
* Celebrate the Celtic New Year.

Program dates:
* Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2015
* Apr. 20 – Apr. 24, 2016
* Oct. 12 – Oct. 16, 2016
* Apr. 5 – Apr. 9, 2017


Andrew Steed

Andrew Steed

Requirements For Applying:

▪ An existing shamanic practice with a confident ability to journey and connect with spirit guides.
▪ Reading of Andrew’s book: “Powering Up Our Life Stories”. To purchase book contact [email protected]

Cost & Registration:

After your application has been submitted, you will be invited to establish a payment plan.
* To view the 2 Year Payment Plan FOLLOW THIS LINK

CCSS Affinity Program

Investing In Your Heart & Soul

CCSS Affinity Program
* Earn program/retreat credits
* Earn referral revenue

Subscription Plans
Attend all four seasonal Heart Foundation of Shamanism trainings at discounted price
Sign up for the one year subscription plan for the Soul Pathways program
Sign up for the two year subscription plan for the Celtic Shamanism program

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* Each save 10% with referral code: 2ormore

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Questions or Concerns? Contact CCSS Coordinator Gwenith Kikkawa: [email protected], 888-3838320 x4

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