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By Eduardo-Rodriguez-Calzado

by Eduardo Calzado

The Path of We-Ness

By Jane Large (CCSS Collective Member)

I awoke New Year’s Day with a migraine headache. I have come to understand that these headaches are calling me to see layers of an old way of being that no longer serves the new story I am creating for life. And so in a practice I have used for some time, I acknowledged the headache and thanked it for supporting me in my spiral path of learning so far. I journeyed to ask what old way it represented. It told me that it was an old fear that had helped me protect myself, keeping me safe by isolating me from others. I thanked it for keeping me safe and asked if there was a new way to be safe that it could support me in. I heard – “me” to “we”, “me-ness” to “we-ness”. I realized that the new way for me to be safe is not in isolating myself, but in connecting with others and being “we”. I asked what this new way of “we-ness” could look like in my life. I saw myself reaching out to join hands with others. I also saw myself receiving an embrace from another. As this journey ended, I realized that I was moving into a time, a new era of my life, and a new way of being.

It is time to bridge the gaps, to fill in the holes, to welcome home the missing pieces within ourselves and our lives. It is time to realize our wholeness and also be able to recognize the wholeness of others. It is time for us to cultivate unity, harmony and truth, not only within ourselves, but also within our lives by inviting our circles to unite, and allow that to spread into all of Creation. It is time to re-write our old scripts by dreaming and creating new ways of being, doing, thinking and feeling to guide our path based on the truth we find in our hearts. It is time to move from the path of ‘me-ness’, to the path of ‘we-ness’.



Home Practice

State this healing intention, aloud or within: From the wholeness of my heart, I illuminate my shadows and receive their gifts of learning.

Enter into the wholeness of your heart through the pathways of your imagination. What does the wholeness of your heart smell like? Look like? Feel like? Taste like? Sound like?

Ask your heart:
* Are there parts of my life where I feel excluded from? i.e. in a relationship, family, community, job etc.
* What Light medicine do these parts have to share with me to help me learn and heal?

* As I commit to a path of unity, harmony and truth, what action can I take to bridge the gaps and re-write the old scripts?

Share your experience with others on Peace Villages!



Healing Through Belief & Non-Judgment

This video explores the opportunity and potential we to transform and heal through the strongest magnetic field in our body….the heart.



By Eduardo Calzado

by Eduardo Calzado

Soul Pathways of Shamanism

One Year Program

Nourishing our relationships and soul connections with ourselves, each other, and with the land, we consciously restore balance with our families, friends and communities, through this year long soul retrieval journey.

Program Dates:
* Feb. 20 – Feb. 22, 2015
* May 22 – May 24, 2015
* Aug. 19 – Aug. 23, 2015
* Nov. 20 – Nov. 22, 2015


Requirements For Applying

▪ An existing shamanic practice with a confident ability to journey and connect with spirit guides.
▪ Completion of a ‘Heart Foundation of Shamanism Training’, ‘Journey Within: Basic Shamanism Retreat’, or ‘Two Year Advanced Training in Shamanism’ with CCSS.
▪ Special consideration will be given to those with other equivalent shamanic experience or training.

Eduardo Calzado flow

by Eduardo Calzado

Heart Flow of Shamanism Training

April 17 – 19, 2015

Embrace and gift the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

Transform your Life with the support of shamanic tools, a circle community, and journeying through living ceremony.


Book Now


▪ Follow link to Book it now or, call 1-888-383-8320

Chakras by Eduardo Calzado

by Eduardo Calzado

Celtic Shamanism

Two Year Program

With Andrew Steed

In this program you will:
* Power up your life story.
* Embody the way of the circle and build a sustainable community of love, peace and unity.
* Experience the exponential collective power and ability to work deeply with the land.
* Connect to the blueprint within stories of Celtic myth and folklore.
* Reclaim your ancestral roots and indigenous soul connection to the earth.
* Apply Celtic aspects of Sovereignty as guardians of the land.
* Weave the Dragon lines within us and the worlds within the worlds.
* Stir the Cauldrons of Inspiration and Rebirth.
* Experience the Wild Hunt.
* Work with the shamanic gifts of poetry.
* Celebrate the Celtic New Year.

Program dates:
* Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2015
* Apr. 20 – Apr. 24, 2016
* Oct. 12 – Oct. 16, 2016
* Apr. 5 – Apr. 9, 2017


Powering Up Our Life Stories

Requirements For Applying:

▪ An existing shamanic practice with a confident ability to journey and connect with spirit guides.
▪ Reading of Andrew’s book: “Powering Up Our Life Stories”. To purchase book contact [email protected]

Cost & Registration:

After your application has been approved, you will be invited to establish a payment plan. The total cost of the program is $4280.
* If paid full in advance of first gathering, receive 10% discount.
* First and last gathering must be paid in full prior to first gathering.
* Second and third gathering payments are due 1 month prior to those gathering dates, or a 10% charge will be made.
* All payments are non-refundable.

CCSS Affinity Program

Financial Assistance

CCSS Affinity Program
* Earn program/retreat credits
* Earn referral revenue

One-year subscription plan
* Attend all four seasonal Heart Foundation of Shamanism trainings at discounted price
Follow link to find out more

Sign up with another
* Each save 10% with referral code: 2ormore

Co-create a personalized payment plan just for you!

Contact CCSS Coordinator Gwenith Kikkawa: [email protected], 888-3838320 x4

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