The Circle Way Newsletter: Ice and Snow

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Edge Labyrinth
Black Ice at EdgeBubbles in the black ice of Lake Kawawaymog

Messages From The Ice

By: Martha Lucier

Have you ever taken the time to listen to frozen ice on a lake? Last April here on the edge of Algonquin Park, the ice on Lake Kawawaymog was so loud it sounded like whales breaching. A group of us spread out along the shoreline, connecting with the moving waters beneath the surface, listening through the layers to the wisdom being imparted to us.

The ice on our beloved lake returned in early December, much earlier than usual. Last week we were awakened by the creaking ice calling to us. After ensuring it was safe to walk on, we discovered large circular swaths of black ice, like polished glass.

I felt compelled to lay on the ice and peer in, like a looking glass, to see what I could see. There were many, many bubbles suspended in the ice, like a million brilliant shining stars in a frozen black sky. I imagined a song or story contained within each tiny bubble, that wished to be opened like a gift. I realized the bubbles were being created by the whales, who came to visit again just as they did the spring before. They reminded me that they are here to assist all of us with the transitions we are going through at this time.

Whale has taught me how to use sacred sound to lighten my spirit and offer myself in service to those who are suffering. I imagine a light in my heart beginning to spin. As my heart light spins, I hear a high pitched sound, like a whale song, or the song of creation. The faster the ball of light spins, the higher pitched the song of my heart sings. When we open ourselves as a vessel for love to flow, we have the potential to bring healing to the waters of life, suffering souls and all of creation.

As we undergo change on the planet, our spirit helpers can assist us in staying centred and focused, flowing through our fears with grace and ease. As we transition from west to north on the medicine wheel, we invite the Spirit of Winter to guide us gently on our sacred journey.

This Solstice, take a moment to be with ice and snow:

▪ What can the Spirit of Ice impart to you about your own nature to change, flow, contract and expand?
▪ What can the Spirit of Winter and the medicine of the North teach you about connecting with the light of the Universe?

Star LightClick on image to listen to song!

Song: The Shaman’s Flame

by Maria Kornacki (CCSS Circle Member)

The shaman’s flame is lit and glowing
Signal of spirit light with us
We gather close, our circle growing
And far away they sit like us.

All round the world a passion circling
Heat from the flame rising in sparks
Ancestors gathering and calling
Calling for peace within our hearts.

This planet births us with one rhythm
Beneath one sky we sing our songs
One circling dawn and starlit shimmer
Giving us strength to journey on.


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Mother Heart

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