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Stone heart


Light by Patitha

“Light” by Patitha

Soul Full

By Gwenith Kikkawa (CCSS Collective Member)

One cold and windy morning, a man awoke in his cabin in the woods. His eyes opened quickly with a knowing of what he had to do. There was little food left in his cabin, just enough to leave a meal for his mother, his wife and his daughter. He gathered his bow and arrow and set out for the hunt.

It was not long on his walk that he began to question his faith and ability to return home with nourishment for himself and his family. His heart knew what he had to do. But no, there was no time for that, there was only a small opening of daylight, and he was feeling hungry.

His heart knew what he had to do. But no, this was not the plan, this was not how this day was supposed to unfold! Still, his heart knew what to do.



Home Practice

What would it be like to play your inner drum with the beat of your heart? Take a moment to be with your breath of light, as you inhale into your heart, and exhale from your belly, and ask:

▪ What does my inner drum sound like? Smell like? Feel like? Look like?
▪ Listening deeply to your heartbeat…what is it saying? How is it guiding you to receive nourishment on behalf of the greater whole?

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Rainbow Circle

Click on image to listen to song

Rainbow Reflections

CCSS members gathered at the Soul Pathways of Shamanism program to “Open to the rainbow”, weaving the colors of their soul harmonies into this song.

Song: “Love, Peace, Reflections” by Brenda MacIntyre

The full rainbow circle welcomes us into our highest potential, becoming lighter and freer through our action, as we go deep into the bones of our lineages, asking for forgiveness, offering love and gratitude in return. In wonderment of the possibilities, we are reminded of who we are and what it means to flow in our own medicines, feeling full to bursting, letting go to be in this experience. We choose to give ourselves permission to be illuminated from our core, we choose in our ability to appreciate beauty, rising into the mountain of our being, where our medicine sits in peace and power, so that we may open the doors of our houses and welcome each other home.
~ Woven wisdom from the CCSS Collective Circle




Heart Flow of Shamanism Training

April 17 – 19, 2015

Transform from the heart!

The heart is our gateway, to the spirit realm. Through this gateway we are invited to wonder what it might look like to begin a journey, from the centre of the heart, giving the heart permission to be our guide. What would it’s messages be? It’s desires? How would it like to express itself? To wonder what life would be like if we gave ourselves permission to to deepen and grow our relationship with our hearts?


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Bleeding heart flowers

Heart Growth of Shamanism Training

July 17 – 19, 2015

We honour the season of growth, while daydreaming outdoors, traveling through all our senses, merging with creation.

▪ Explore various ways of shamanic journeying and learn how this tool can offer guidance and support in living a thriving and inspired life.
▪ Connect with your very own helping spirit guides
▪ Embody the ancient wisdom of the ‘way of the circle’
▪ Co-create ceremony with others
▪ Tap into the wisdom of your childhood and reclaim how to fully utilize all your senses as gateways into the freedom of your imagination.
▪ Align with the elements and seasons
▪ Awaken your indigenous soul connection to the earth
▪ Weave personal practices of shamanism and ways of living from your heart into your daily life


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▪ Follow link to Book it now or, call 1-888-383-8320


“Celtic Universe Tree”

Celtic Shamanism

Two Year Program

With Andrew Steed

“We are wandering stories, a collection of tales gathered through grime, sweat, love, anger, joy, fear, acceptance, betrayal, beauty and a host of other threads that are woven into the unique tapestries of our life stories.

So many people have stuffed, blocked, denied and/or forgotten pieces of their story to the point that they become stuck within their story. Here is a way to cleanse, renew and work with the indigenous practice of reclaiming. Indigenous people knew the importance of shifting perspective and discovering the inner hero within.

I am excited to be offering a 2-Year study in Celtic shamanic practice beginning at the Edge in October 2015. I am inviting all prospective students to delve within the folds of their own stories and read ‘Powering Up Our Life Stories’ as a prerequisite to the course.” ~ Andrew Steed

Program dates:
* Oct. 28 – Nov. 1, 2015
* Apr. 20 – Apr. 24, 2016
* Oct. 12 – Oct. 16, 2016
* Apr. 5 – Apr. 9, 2017

▪ Find out more
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Soul Healing

“Soul Healing”

Soul Pathways of Shamanism

One Year Program

This year long Soul Retrieval Training, is for those who are ready to dig deep beneath the surface, through rock and roots to the living story, returning ‘home’ to the fullest expression of who you are. As we carve new soul pathways, we will spread our wings of freedom, flowing love into all of life.

Program Dates:
* Feb. 19 – Feb. 21, 2016
* May 13 – May 15, 2016
* Aug. 17 – Aug. 21, 2016
* Nov. 18 – Nov. 20, 2016

▪ Find out more
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CCSS Affinity Program

Investing In Your Heart & Soul

CCSS Affinity Program
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* Earn referral revenue

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