The Circle Way Newsletter: Summoning The Courage

Tapping the syrup wisdom of the maples


Wolverine Wolverine: the “skunk bear” of the woods

Wolverine Medicine

By Martha Lucier (CCSS founder & collective circle member)

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we have been in winter’s grip. Spring has not yet taken hold, like we are in the space between the inhale and exhale, waiting for change.

In April 2012 as I was on my morning walk, I heard a large animal shuffling through crunchy forest leaves left over from the autumn. My curiosity was peaked as to what animal it could be. The only animal I could think of making this sound was a bear.

I could hear and feel the animal’s presence walking parallel to me,
about 50 meters into the forest. As I strained to see what it was,
the animal took notice of me, stood on it’s hind legs and slammed it’s paws down onto the earth, clearly signifying to me that I was in it’s territory. The animal was dark brown with white markings. It came up to my hip in height and it’s paws were large with very big claws. It was a wolverine: the most feared animal in the forest. I had never felt such an intense clear communication from an animal before. I responded by turning very slowly, walking back home, while peaking
ever so ofter around my shoulder to see if the wolverine was following me…



Home Practice:

As we transition from winter to spring, what changes are awaiting you? Are you ready to summon the courage to change?

Walking on your spiral path, invite the guidance of a helping spirit to reveal to you shadows and fears that are ready to be illuminated now. What resources do you need to face these shadows and fears? What tool can your helping spirit offer to illuminate your shadows?


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Heart Flow of Shamanism Training: Spring/East

April 11-13, 2014

Do you yearn for change in your life? Are you seeking the tools and support to create this change?

Build a community with like-minded and like-hearted people who embrace change, finding peace within.

Join us in embracing the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

Training includes:
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* Connect with spirit guides
* Explore personal gifts and purpose
* Co-create ceremony
* Build community
* Explore creative expression
* Reconnect with nature
* Online and teleconference enrichment and mentoring


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Circle members at the Grandmother DrumBecoming the hollow bone and drumming with the Grandmother Drum

Celtic Shamanism Retreat with Andrew Steed

Powering Up the Dragon Lines

April 4 – 6, 2014

A few spaces remain if you feel called to join us for this special retreat.

“Many people have learnt to fear the Dragons, to fight them, to slay them. The journey with the Dragons is to know them and befriend them. To go within and befriend our own Dragon, to be willing to ride into our own shadow with the light to carry us there.”
~ Andrew Steed


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We invite you to become a member of the Celtic Shamanism Peace Village, where you can connect and share with others exploring Celtic wisdom. Whether you are attending the Celtic Shamanism Retreat or not, membership is free and open to all.

Jeffrey PaulA joyous Jeffrey at the Heart Wisdom of Shamanism Training


By Jeffrey Paul (CCSS collective circle member)

The hush of the forest’s quietness murmurs…

That snowy morning

The Ambience of Nothingness…

In between the passing of thoughts

That precious pause

A blank space of hollowness…

In my mind, in hers…

Earth Mother

Sky Father

Nurturing our gracious flight…

In between breaths


The faeries voices echo through the winds

Pulsating the sacred lingo of heart…

Spirit and Great-Mystery rejoice…


Listening, arousing…

Identifying, adoring…

Observe, release….

I am

I am that…

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