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Spring at the Edge-3


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Rewriting Old Stories – The Gift of Receiving

By Maria Kornacki (CCSS Collective Circle Member)

Once upon a time we knew, as a collective people, that we are profoundly loveable, deeply loved, and blessedly beloved. We knew that no one matters any more than any other one and that no thing matters any less than any other thing. Once upon a time we knew how to receive this gift of a miraculous and loving way, with a full heart.

Then came the story of the apple.

We took a bite of the proffered apple from the life giving tree of knowledge and love and we called it a sin. We continued to call it a sin for many centuries, banishing ourselves into exile. We forgot the gift of the garden, the gift of our own loving hearts, and the act of receiving well. Yes, we forgot about the gift of the garden. The act of receiving well became strangely obsolete. We called it a sin.

All around us Eden is calling out its beauty. All around us Eden stays steady with its faithful presence. The garden never died. We have simply, as a culture, impacted the knowledge of how to receive this Eden into our hearts. And so sometimes it seems that we have lost the ability to receive, into our own hearts, our own love for the beauty of the world. Sometimes it seems that we have lost touch with the dynamic of acceptance into the huge bosomed heart of our own tenderness?

We are very good at many things. We are competent and able and smart in our ability to do many things. We spend much time anguishing over how to make our mark in a true fashion. We become involved in courses, we seek gurus, we try very hard to do our best. We do this well. We make ourselves ill from the trying. It matters so much to get it right. We offer our love with generosity and attentive intention.

Meanwhile, the Garden of Eden is calling to us to receive the gift of its beauty into our hearts. We pause in our busy-ness to acknowledge a moment of awareness, a snippet of peaceful sight.



Home Practice:

Choose a fruit that calls to you, and take it outside. As you begin to eat this fruit, acknowledge all that you are grateful for. Feel your heart open more and more with your deepening gratitude.

Ask your opened heart to reveal the areas of your life, or, relationships where you feel unreceived and unappreciated: 
* How do your gifts for others nurture your own heart? What do you love and appreciate about your gifts? 
* How is this awareness guiding you to expand the receiving of your gifts into your own heart?

Share your home practice findings with others on Peace Villages!


Oh, Great Spirit

Song by Martha Lucier (CCSS Co-Founder & Collective Member)

Oh, Great Spirit 
Our hearts are open to you 
Our love flows to you…


Free my heart

Click on image to listen to song



Heart Growth of Shamanism 1jpg

Heart Growth of Shamanism

Summer/South Training: July 11-13, 2014

How do we go from the head to the heart?

“I allow myself the space and freedom to be with the stories I have created, taking ownership of that, and sending it love. Honesty comes forth. We are the ruler of our ship and we can change our story.” 
~ Jeffrey Paul (CCSS Collective Circle Member)

Program Theme: We honour the season of growth, while daydreaming outdoors, traveling through all our senses, merging with creation.


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Uncle fire ceremony

Angaangaq fire ceremony

Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man

Retreat: Sept. 12-14, 2014

With the trusted guidance ofAngaangaq Angakkorsuaq, this retreat offers an opportunity to expand our self love, to strengthen our will, and nourish our courage as we walk our healing paths together. Awakening and remembering our indigenous roots and the powers of our ancestry, we deepen our connection with all our relations. Aho.


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