The Circle Way Newsletter: Venturing Off The Beaten Paths

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Doug MannenDoug Mannen at one with Winter

Walking on Not So Thin Ice

By: Doug Mannen (CCSS Collective Circle Member)

I recall the first time this season that I ventured into the wetlands beyond The Ontario Northland Railway lines. The snow was pristine and the sun reflected blindingly from it. The temperature was cold, -35’C with a wind chill well beyond that! Fox had zigzagged across a beaver pond, through the night, investigating the lodge and the muskrat mounds. Did I dare? How much did I trust the cold we had experienced? Had it been enough to render my new trail safe? One way to find out, right?

My confidence rose as I stepped gingerly forward, following the fox track. Oh I know what you are thinking. A fox weighs ten to twelve pounds ( do not let that luxurious coat fool you ) and me, well I am heavier! I have learned to never let my guard down when attempting possibly thin ice, but one can never be truly prepared for the first CRACK under the boot. It is indeed an eerie sensation to not only hear the ice fracturing, but feel the vibration as well. The first instinct is to freeze in place, not daring to breathe. I am not sure why that is because if you are going through the ice, lingering there is when that would likely happen. The brain must regain itself and force a slow, deliberate retreat backwards.

After seeing others perform this ice dance in the past I know how comical I must have looked. Cautiously I peered around, hoping that I had not been seen. But that was not so. Red Squirrel was sitting on a nearby branch. I know I saw the twinkling mirth in his eyes. I was chided by a Chickadee, as well, as it flitted over my head and across the pond. Show off! After pondering the situation, back home I went, eventually following a sidewalk.



Home Practice

Where have you been yearning to venture off the beaten path? What tracks beckon you to follow them?

▪ Journey on foot following the yearning in your heart to explore a part of nature that beckons you. Explore your inner landscape inviting the question within your heart to guide you. Like a detective, look for the subtle clues nature is gifting you with.




Andrew SteedAndrew Steed

Celtic Shamanism Retreat: Powering Up The Dragon Lines

April 4 – 6, 2014

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Imagine gathering in nature with an intimate shamanic community to re-discover the ancestral paths left by the Celts and Dragon beings…

“The Sìth, the Faery People, the spirits of Ireland, never really went away. They have merely faded more and more gradually from common awareness. Yet some part of them is coming more forcefully into our consciousness at this time….The Return of the Sìth is about a return of our indigenous earth-loving soul, a return to the freedom of our personal sovereignty, a return of a profound and contagious spirit of peace that knows no boundaries.” ~ The Spiral of Memory and Belonging: A Celtic Path of Soul and Kinship by Frank MacEowen

Join us with our special guest, Andrew Steed, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Bard, and leader of sacred travel experiences in the British Isles and Ireland.


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Jane LargeJane Large (CCSS Collective Circle Member shares about her experience with ‘Heart Flame of Shamanism Training’)

Heart Flow of Shamanism Training: East/Spring

April 11 – 13, 2014

How can a spiritual path help fulfill my needs?

Join us in exploring how to restore spiritual health and personal power, find answers within, co-create ceremony, and connect with spirit guides as we build a circle community in the natural riches of Algonquin Park.


Circle sharingCircle sharing

Theme: We embrace and gift the flow and renewal of Spring as we ground in nature with childlike joy and innocence.

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Circle walk on iceCircle members creating new snow and ice paths on Lake Kawawaymog

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