Song/Video: Koolulam’s Cover of One Day by Matisyahu

On February 14th, 2018 Koolulam invited 3000 people who had never met before to sing in Haifa, in three languages, celebration of co-existence, in collaboration with Beit HaGefen, the Haifa Municipality, and the Port of Haifa. And here is the result…


“Some people believe that peace is passive and that those who choose peace are weak or lazy. On the contrary, choosing peace is a form of action. When we choose peace as a way of being, it comes alive in everything we do. Choosing peace means waking up every morning and consciously making a decision that peace will guide our thoughts, words and actions. Choosing peace is choosing to embody what peace is – living with the intention to create harmony and balance in all we do, and choosing mutual respect, compassion, forgiveness and love as guiding principles that are the foundation of our life. Choosing peace is anything but passive; choosing peace takes great courage and the discipline to say ‘this ends with me’ to shift the cycles of violence and hatred that continue to fuel war, discrimination and unrest in the world. Choosing peace means to have the courage to respond rather than react, to talk rather than fight or attack, and to resolve old wounds or disputes rather than continued to perpetrate the patterns of the past. Choosing peace means feeling deeply and choosing a most revolutionary action one could take. Choosing peace invites us to allow it to come alive within us, where we enter a new way of being with ourselves and each other, where we become peace. We can each be part of what creates peace today and every day. And maybe it might just start with a song…” ~ Jane Large


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