The Light Within

By Nancy Yule, CCSS Circle Member

My paddle slices into Her

The Lady in the Lake is dark, beautiful, sleek and mysterious

She whispers my name, my authentic soul name

And reminds me of my promise, my promise to return home

I plead with her once again….just a little more time…I promise….then I am yours.

She ripples in annoyance….that is always your reply…..

Fish are waiting to nibble on me,

They jump from the depths of Her to try to catch me.

Not today.

I paddle on.

A sweet breeze plays with the leaves on the tree….and the air is filled with laughter.

The trees sway and dance with the Wind… an act of sweet surrendering.

I close my eyes.

Hummingbird is telling me a whirl-wind story.

Follow your heart….like a compass. It knows The Way.

I look to the trees, and envision my descendants and ascendants standing proud…the ALL knowing.

They are with me.

I look up to them….and the sun filters down.

Baptizing me with Light.

I lean against a rock….and the rock laughs at me.

Reminding me….laughter is the heart song. And to sing it boldly.

Bird songs mimic the message…sing from your heart.

Your song.

Fairies swirl at my feet and draw a circular rainbow…..step into the rainbow to move forward.

They nestle in my hair….whispering…and giggling…

Being mischievous….is always a fun game to play.

I smile. Yes.

Spirit agrees.

Our hearts are smiling….we have received many great gifts on our journey.

The greatest gift of them all?


The Light that shines within all of us….light-heartedness.


Igniting Your Creativity at Home

My creative muse is photography. I love finding beauty in the smallest of details to inspire my other artwork. What is your creative muse? When is the last time you played with your creative muse? Can you schedule more play time to explore your creativeness? What would play time look to you? How does your muse inspire the other aspects of your life?

Hummingbird is wanting to drink the sweet nectar from my Blossoming Heart. What Spirit Guide is wanting to drink the sweet nectar from your heart? What would your heart’s sweet nectar taste like? smell like? Listen to the message that Spirit Guide is sharing with you? Can you express that message in a photograph? a drawing? or a song?


Nancy shares her love for photography, in this slideshow of her photos whilst reading her poem The Light Within. The beautiful music Windansea by Balmorhea is flowing in the background. In joy.

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