Family Adventures at Algonquin Park

Our family guests know the best way to truly connect is to leave technology behind and spend quality time with one another with no distractions!

In Algonquin Park and at our solar powered home texting is just not possible. Instead the focus is on family time, nature connection, Algonquin Park exploration and adventure, and quality time together.

Disconnect to Connect

We specialize in customizing Algonquin Park experiences for family & friend groups of all kinds, including:

Groups of 4 – 40 sleep comfortable in our forest accommodations, enjoy meals built with care from local ingredients, and participate in a variety of activities all for one all-inclusive price.

Praise for the Edge:

  • "The setting is idyllic, the staff are warm, knowledgeable and excellent teachers. The food was extraordinarily good: interesting, creative recipes and just too much of everything! Activities were varied: kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding (easy and fun) canoeing etc. Wonderful library to borrow from and read (if there's time), rec centre for snacks, cards etc and a sauna for after excursions. U WILL LOVE IT!"
    -Paulette Handelsman, July 2014
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  • "The setting is an idyllic, pristine forest/lake environment with log cabins, tented cabins and common buildings that co-exist and thrive with nature. Discovering the little nooks and cozy crannies on the property that Todd and Martha have created made us at first feel like we'd been dropped off at Camp, and were free to explore as we all had done once as kids. The food was the biggest surprise: every meal was a healthy gourmet treat . . ."
    -Robert Byrne, August 2016
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