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Unplugging at the Edge is much more than a reward for good work, it inspires caring, appreciation and commitment to the things that matter in your business. Team building retreat planners discover the benefits of unplugged face-to-face time in a private, natural world that feels more like home than a traditional business setting.

Northern Edge Algonquin designs and hosts meaningful, memorable year-round team-building events, executive retreats, and outdoor experiences that unleash human potential.

Discover the value of working with top-notch facilitators who create extra ordinary events to facilitate team learning & inspire attention to things that matter.  Transform your organization with experiences which resonate with your corporate culture and result in straightforward action plans.

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Some words from our guests :

  • "On behalf of 437 (T) SQN from the Canadian Forces, we would like to express our utmost gratitude for the absolutely challenging, cohesive, outstanding and truly enjoyable team-building experience that we were proud to be part of . . ."
    -Jordan I, Canadian Forces, September 2013
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  • "Great Learning Experience. Brought out what I felt was there; a competent, intelligent team that will move mountains. Instilled confidence in ourselves as a team. The facilitators were extremely professional, exuded confidence & engendered trust. The venue – fantastic!!!"
    -Rudy Chiarot, Vice President, PIC Group, 2009

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