The Golden Compass:  A Strategic Planning Retreat

Disconnect, to Connect.

Sometimes, the best way to plan a route forward for your business is to celebrate where you’ve been and map out your direction forward together . . . with no distractions. Northern Edge Algonquin puts it all together for organizations like yours with a map making and treasure seeking theme featuring four season outdoor adventures on water and land, facilitated team building initiatives, memorable meals, strategic planning sessions.

Business map-making can be an inspirational tool to chart a course for the future that can be referred to again and again over time. Our strategic planning map-making exercise can be done over a half day during your retreat or over multiple seminar sessions. Map-making is a strategic planning tool to celebrate your successes and open the doors to discussions of what matters most in your organization as you plot a course for the future.

Come away with a shared vision of the need to demonstrate excellence and consider individual action plans leading to individual and collective success.

Program Elements:

Charting Success

In 1914, explorer Ernest Shackleton set out with 27 men on the ship Endurance to attempt the first land crossing of the Antarctic continent. Many of the crew had joined the expedition after reading a similar invitation to this one:

Wanted: People required for hazardous journey, small wages, extreme weather, long dark nights, constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success.

To their great dismay, the ice crushed and sank their vessel. Left with a trio of lifeboats and limited supplies, the crew spent 15 months in the most inhospitable place on earth facing unimaginable harrowing conditions. Every person survived. Together in the Explorer’s Cabin, we look at maps and consider the challenges your organization has endured and triumphs you have celebrated.

Treasure Quest

Take your map-making and reading skills into the real world. Learn to use a map and compass to plot a course for adventure.

As Shackleton’s expedition team did years ago, your team of participants will set on a course by canoe, stand up paddleboard, and on foot to reach an unknown destination, using teamwork, communication and motivational skills to succeed facilitators will present a series of challenges which draw on a variety of your strengths and skills and gradually involve more trust, risk and physical challenge as you progress.

Compass Conversations

Gather in an unusual location to discuss the questions that matter most to your organization. We’ll help you look at your challenges from all angles and put in place a process to test solutions, revisit, and refine them.

Getting Fired Up

Gather in a special location for a Wood-Fired Pizza Party celebration.  Partner up in teams of two to hand-design your own pizza creations, and meet Rocky the Roman Black Oven.

After dinner, the wood fired sauna beckons; an ancient, universal form of restoration provides a forum for sharing stories and soaking in the day’s adventures. Afterwards, enjoy a dip in the lake. In the darkness uncluttered by ambient city light, stand in awe, under a festival of stars that will leave you speechless.

The Taste of Success

Include a tour and tasting at Highlander micro-brewery or even a hands-on brewmaster for a day experience. Then enjoy food and beer pairing with chef Gregor or let us invite a local singer songwriter to perform just for you in a century – old log cabin nestled in the wilderness.

Making Tracks

Winter trails beckon. Guided snowshoeing,cross country skiing, kicksledding, skating and dog sledding excursions are enhanced with outstanding meals and sharing around the hot stove. Chef Gregor and his amazing meals and stories and our private forest log cabin are the perfect setting for celebrating the day’s events. Winter campfires under a million stars, warm fireside festive drinks and quiet evenings away from the world or a wood fired sauna with a brisk roll in the snow ~ this winter retreat is sure to anchor a sense of camaraderie and team work.

Add on a 1/2 day dog sledding excursion. Learn to lead your dogs through the forest and across snow covered lakes and streams.

Team Building

Effective Team Building develops the tribal essence of your organization, renewing dedication to take on the work of the season, ready to endure what needs to be endured, inspired to do what needs to be done.

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