Team Building Retreats

Our corporate retreat clients realize that there are times when a new context is necessary for innovation and growth for their team. These leaders understand the need for a creative environment, a sustainable facility, a place for the kind of experience that inspires true team spirit.

Our executive retreat provides the perfect balance of rustic charm and comfortable accommodations and meeting spaces, exciting and highly enjoyable team building events, great food, and spectacular scenery – all at an off-the-grid facility dedicated to environmental sustainability and facilitated and hosted by staff who make a difference.

Customized programs & itineraries begin with a survey to your attendees, confidentially gathering information that will help us to design your program to meet the needs of your team.

Unplug, and:

  • Help each team member understand their personal strengths & challenges.
  • Recognize the strengths and talents awaiting to be unleashed in each member of your team.
  • Break the ice, growing a spirit of comradery away from the distractions of the city.
  • Raise the bar, testing and overcoming your perceived limits.
  • Tap into the creative genius of your organization to craft your vision.
  • Renew the community essence of your workplace and foster a supportive, caring workplace.
  • Renew the dedication it takes to go above and beyond in your work for the season.

Ask about our Treasure Quest program; an excellent foundation for a strategic planning retreat with team building that features map making, map following and conquering team building initiatives in a quest for buried treasure!

Program Elements:

Break the Ice: Begin your team building adventure in a natural healthy environment, distanced from the distractions of the city where our facilitators quickly engender a spirit of camaraderie.

Raise the Bar: Once-in-a-lifetime circumstances build on previously undiscovered talents and help team members apply them towards the greater good. When we raise the bar you’ll test your perceived limits and through team building surprise yourselves.

Dare to Dream: Sharing a vision for an inspiring future requires time to dream. “The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true . . .”

Craft your Vision: Tap into the creative genius of your organization to leave a trail of excellence with meaningful symbols of achievement.

Share the Wealth: Effective Team Building develops the tribal essence of your organization, renewing dedication to take on the work of the season, ready to endure what needs to be endured, inspired to do what needs to be done.

All-Inclusive Rates

  • $6000/night for groups of 2 – 12.  Add on $500/night for each additional guest (up to 30 total).
  • Private Accommodations included for Groups of 2 – 12.  Groups of 13+ in a mix of shared and private accommodations.
  • Includes delicious catered meals, comfortable cabin accommodations, gathering & meeting spaces, tailored retreat program, all necessary equipment & program materials.

What’s the Next Step?

  • Contact [email protected] to check availability and receive a quote for your group.  Once we have confirmed availability, place a $1600 deposit to confirm your dates.

Some words from past clients:

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