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Co-Produce an Event at the Edge

The Edge is much more than a retreat centre. We’ve produced and hosted hundreds of successful retreats, conferences and special events with teachers, writers, painters, weavers, musicians, wild-crafters, wilderness survivalists, shamanic practitioners and more. If you want to nourish, support and inspire people and want to make the world a better place we’d like to help you make it happen.

Let’s pool our resources and create some magic together.

What facilitators enjoy about working with us:

We enjoy co-producing events with experienced teachers and facilitators who want to inspire guests with their passion:

Event Design:

Most Edge programs are 2-4 nights in length. For a three day / two night program there is generally about 12 hours of contact time with guests. For longer programs it is best to plan for about six hours of program time per day.

In general, we plan at least one active outdoor session – regardless of the weather, and one dreamtime session where participants can dream, read, write, create, explore or just chill in peaceful, uninterrupted time. Successful Edge programs also have creative and a celebratory community elements too.

Submit an event proposal including the following:

1. Presenter/Organizer contact info: name, address, phone number, email address, and website address.

2. Program outline: title and theme, length, format, ideal participants (consider Explorer types and/or paint a picture of attendees using your perspective), number of participants, meeting space requirements, program materials required, program itinerary (consider how existing Northern Edge Algonquin experience elements and facility locations can compliment your event)

3. Marketing Brief: Provide 150 word description of the program as it would appear on a promotional poster or web page. Who would the program benefit? How?

4. Presenter(s) bio: 100 words plus professional references and links to relevant websites, blogs, videos, books, DVD’s or CD’s presenter has authored or produced.

5. Media: Provide 3 – 5 hi resolution photos (which you have the right to publish) which portray your event in action. Optional: Link to a 1-5 minute video or audio presentation/interview that can be shared to promote your event.

6. Marketing plan: Programs with a clear, well-conceived marketing plan have a greater chance of success.


  1. Describe your community: circle of followers, members, fans and supporters of the presenter and/or the business.
  2. The number of contacts on your electronic mailing list(s),
  3. Average monthly and annual visits to your website,
  4. Publications or media outlets where you plan to advertise, promote the event,
  5. Social media addresses (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.),
  6. Any other promotional initiatives you would undertake to ensure the success of this program.
  7. Provide clear time-based measurable sales goals.  When do you anticipate meeting your sales target?

7. Program History: Provide a list of facilities where similar events have been facilitated by this presenter or this organization.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do presenters get paid? Presenters and partner organizations are typically paid a per-participant honorarium. We are unable to provide a detailed financial proposal until a proposal is discussed, accepted and the budget is established.

What criteria are used when evaluating proposals? How well does this program compliment existing Northern Edge Algonquin programs? How strong is the marketing plan / promotional strategy (will the presenter or partner organization be able to attract enough people to make this viable)? Has this program been successful elsewhere? Is the presenter recognized as a leader in their field (do they have a strong following)?

How long does it take to get a program on the calendar? How keen and passionate are you about making it happen? Events can be designed, reviewed and approved in as little as 2 -3 weeks. Marketing and sales require a minimum lead time of 3 months to ensure success and allow attendees the time necessary to plan to attend.

Email your proposal to: [email protected]

Got a question?  Call Gwenith to chat about your ideas: 888.383.8320 ext. 4.