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Leadership programs at the Edge are designed to inspire individuals and engage teams in meeting their fullest potential.

Spark Potential:

Why unplug and retreat?

We are constantly bombarded with stimulation, including lights, words and images making their presence on screens we drive past in our vehicle, sit in front of in our home, keep in our pocket or wear on our wrist. In addition to the visual stimuli, we are surrounded by a cacophony of sound and noise constantly screaming for our attention to inform us, keep us safe, or sell things to us.

Our thoughts can be interrupted by a cell phone or text message anywhere and anytime. The twenty-first century is all about staying connected, staying on top of things, not missing anything. This is exciting and often productive, but we need to be aware of all of its effects on us and sometimes, to retreat from constant connectivity.

Slaves to the present moment, we have little opportunity for quiet introspection, dreaming, creative problem solving. We are distracted from communicating with others in real face time by distractions of all sorts.  As a society, we are trading creativity and social interaction for a narrow type of efficiency.

It can be different.  Here.

Cauldron of Creativity:

Creativity: the ability to reinterpret something by breaking it down into its elements and recombining these elements in a surprising way to achieve a goal.

Northern Edge Algonquin is unlike any other venue available for executive team training. It’s safe, quiet and naturally rejuvenating. The Edge is a private, off-the-grid, unplugged location, with no cellular service and internet / phone access that is reserved for emergencies. That doesn’t mean it’s boring! On the contrary, the environment we have created is naturally inspiring, rejuvenating and opens the doorway to creativity and face time that produces results

Join us at the Edge where there are no distractions, just you and your cohorts and your strategic planning objectives. At the hub for our executive retreats, you’ll share interactive learning experiences, program sessions, meal times and informal social time as a community to accomplish more with your offsite than you ever thought possible.

Some words from our guests :

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