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Transformative Keynotes and Symposiums with Todd Lucier are engaging and experiential.

Be prepared to do more than sit back and listen. Attendees are inspired to take personal responsibility for bringing more joy, innovation, productivity and quality to all areas of their lives.

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Keynote:  Be Extra-Ordinary

Learn Five Steps to achieve your goals and deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Be extraordinary: worthy of notice or attention, remarkable, exceptional, conspicuous, uncommon.

  • The Ex Factor: Learn a simple strategy for thinking outside the box to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.
  • Smile: Inspire your team to do their best and work together to achieve extraordinary results.
  • Decide: Identify your untapped assets in people, locations, experiences and products.
  • Focus: Use the power of habit to focus on productive processes and eliminate time-wasting behaviours.
  • Learn: You are not your failures, you are the implementation of strategies to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Celebrate.

Keynote:  Insight Leadership

Discover personal habits that awaken your creative genius and apply strategies to inspire high performing teams that are quality driven, creative, and productive.

  • Learn to use symbols, words and actions that inspire you and your team.
  • Foster Team Insight to build productive, creative, high performing teams.
  • Master meetings with Compass Conversations that keep everyone focused on listening and contributing in meaningful ways.
  • Overcome active resistance to change with powerful, but simple techniques that foster innovation and squelch intransigence.
  • Use social physics to break down barriers and go beyond the walls to reveal the possibilities and promise of weak links.
  • Find new opportunities when facing adversity and discover a process for continual improvement.
  • Paint a picture together of your ideal customers to inspire everyone to be involved understanding your benefits for attracting these markets.
  • Identify under-utilized assets and ways they can be better used to benefit your customers

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