Social Groups & Reunions at Algonquin Park

Bucket list dreams are coming true, and the food is great too!

Our guests know the best way to truly connect is to leave technology behind and spend quality time with one another with no distractions.

With an experience tailored for every group, our passionate & skilled hosts will deliver a one-of-a-kind, extra-ordinary experience that you can only get here, on the edge of Algonquin Park.

Spend quality time together, exploring a great variety of activities designed to reconnect your group.  Whether you are looking for nature connection, adventure, rejuvenation, local food & culture, or social time, we’ve got you covered.

Disconnect to Reconnect

We specialize in customizing Algonquin Park experiences for social groups of all kinds, including:

It’s all included, memorable guided experiences, culinary delights and warm cozy accommodation in the forest . . . all at special pricing that groups deserve. Give us a call or email to tell us a bit about your group and we’ll help you plan something memorable.

Groups of 10 – 35 sleep comfortably in our forest accommodations, enjoy meals built with care from local ingredients, and participate in a variety of activities based on their program selection.

Praise for the Edge:

  • "A beautiful space to escape from the city, technology and enjoy nature surrounded by a gorgeous family style lake house. Chef Greg was my favourite addition, his food was wonderfully prepared, locally & organically sourced, and SO delicious! You could really tell he loved what he does. Yoga studio has a fantastic view of the lake, and every part of the space was thoughtfully and beautifully designed - would highly recommend and will definitely be back."

    -Ashleigh Martin, September 2018
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  • "The setting is idyllic, the staff are warm, knowledgeable and excellent teachers. The food was extraordinarily good: interesting, creative recipes and just too much of everything! Activities were varied: kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding (easy and fun) canoeing etc. Wonderful library to borrow from and read (if there's time), rec centre for snacks, cards etc and a sauna for after excursions. U WILL LOVE IT!"
    -Paulette Handelsman, July 2014
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