Social Groups & Reunions at Algonquin Park

Our guests know the best way to truly connect is to leave technology behind and spend quality time with one another with no distractions.

With a customized itinerary tailored for every group, our passionate & skilled experience providers will deliver a one-of-a-kind, extra-ordinary experience that you can only get here, on the edge of Algonquin Park.

Spend quality time together, exploring a great variety of activities designed to reconnect your group.  Whether you are looking for nature connection, adventure, rejuvenation, local food & culture, or social time, we’ve got you covered.

Disconnect to Reconnect

We specialize in customizing Algonquin Park experiences for social groups of all kinds, including:

Groups of 4 – 40 sleep comfortable in our forest accommodations, enjoy meals built with care from local ingredients, and participate in a variety of activities all for one all-inclusive price.

Praise for the Edge:

  • “I want to tell you about a very special place. The kind of place where you can let go of everything – your time, your stress, your expectations – and just relax and exist. A place where breathing might be the most important thing you do all day.”
    -Angela Dollar, Wanderlust & Lipstick
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  • "The setting is idyllic, the staff are warm, knowledgeable and excellent teachers. The food was extraordinarily good: interesting, creative recipes and just too much of everything! Activities were varied: kayaking, hiking, paddle boarding (easy and fun) canoeing etc. Wonderful library to borrow from and read (if there's time), rec centre for snacks, cards etc and a sauna for after excursions. U WILL LOVE IT!"
    -Paulette Handelsman, July 2014
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