Safety comes first for students visiting our outdoor education centre.


Below are a few of the precautions we take to ensure your child is in good hands:

Your son/daughter does not need to purchase any equipment to participate on our experiential education trips and retreats.

Please see the Parents Package for more information.


We look forward to introducing you to our solar-powered facility, and sharing adventures in the woods and lakes of Algonquin Park.

Each year hundreds of students like you visit us in our home in the forest. Our programs are all about having fun. You will have a great time with your classmates exploring trails and rivers, and discovering wildlife and a variety of plants.

It is not necessary to buy any equipment in order to enjoy your field trip at the Edge. Please leave valuables and electronics at home.

The Student Info Package (pdf) will explain everything else you need to know to plan for your visit.


Planning a trip?  Check out our Experiential Education planner pdf for all the latest info.

Already booked? Please print and complete the following resources


See a list of past curriculm based outdoor programs we have created for Ontario teachers. Check out our sample winter program itinerary.

Catholic School teachers appreciate the opportunities to meet Ontario Catholic School Graduation Expectations during their visit to the Edge.