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Healing the World

“Healing the World” by Jane Large

The Life that is Waiting for You

By Jane Large (CCSS Collective Member)

There is a life that is waiting for you. A life that Spirit has been calling you to find within your heart, within the very essence of your being. Spirit has been calling to you, through symbols and messages, waiting for the day that you would see, the day that you would listen, to its call, the call from within the depths of your soul.

Spirit has been waiting for the day you to put the pieces together. To put together the pieces of information, the hints, the nudges, the jiggling stirring within you. Waiting for you to put the pieces of your life together, perhaps together again after a long time of separation, separation from your heart, your essence, your truth.

Spirit is waiting for you to find the courage that exists deep within your bones. The courage you will need to experience, and then to act upon what you see and hear, what you feel, what you taste, what you smell. Your Spirit senses are drawing you to live the life that is waiting for you, a life of truth, of courage, of authenticity, of love, and of our very nature. A life that reflects our connection to all and to our great source, the essence of all of Creation, that exists within each one of us at the centre of our hearts. And it is that source, our connection to the One Whole,that is calling us to live the life that is waiting, waiting for us to answer.



Home Practice

For me, part of awakening to the life that is waiting for me is to open my senses to see the symbols and hear the messages Spirit is sending me. These symbols and messages are Spirit, my Spirit, my connection to the One Whole, to all of Creation, calling out to me. So when I react to something – be it what I perceive to be a “negative” or “positive” stimuli- I now understand that this is Spirit calling me to pay attention, to remember something.

Sit or move in nature, or another relaxing space, and take time to go within your heart and reflect on the following guiding questions:
* What symbols or messages have been calling to your heart throughout your life?
* What are you being called to understand, acknowledge, or remember through these messages and symbols?
* What actions are you being called to take that answer your heart yearnings, to receive the life that is waiting for you?


Collective Song

CCSS Collective Circle members gathered, becoming the hollow bone, inviting Great Spirit to sing through them, for them, a message for the collective. What message do you hear?


CCSS Members

Collective Members gathered at the Edge



Heart Wisdom

Connect with your heart’s wisdom

Heart Wisdom of Shamanism Training

October 3-5, 2014

Gather the tools, experiences, and community support system that enable you to live in empowered change and growth.

Stepping on the pathway of gratitude, we honour the cycle of living and the wisdom we have gathered, as we surrender to change and flow forward with arrow focus.


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Restore and Renew

Restore & Renew Yoga Retreat

November 14-17, 2014

Yoga teacher and owner of Life Yoga Studios in Kingston, Carly Stong, guides a journey of restoring body and soul. This retreat offers balanced, practical tools to access infinite resources of rest and relaxation that we all possess. All experience levels welcome.

CCSS members, Gwenith Kikkawa and Vicki Arsenault, assist in the unfolding of this retreat in the way of the circle.


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Heart Flame

Ignite the shaman’s flame within

Heart Flame of Shamanism Training

January 16-18, 2015

In the dark and quiet night of winter we gather around the shaman’s flame to spark creativity, restoring the soul and emerging anew.

Connect with:
* Your helping spirits
* Power of Nature
* Ancestral wisdom
* Your indigenous soul
* Teacher within


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▪ Follow link to “Book it now” or, call 1-888-383-8320

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CCSS Affinity Program
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Peace villages

Living Peace

Have you seen what is happening on Peace Villages?

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