Group Deposit Protection Policy & Payment Timelines

Sometimes retreat plans don’t work out. We understand.

The Edge protects our experiences with a Deposit Protection & Lifetime Credit Policy for individual travellers, and a fair Deposit Protection Policy for group experiences.

The following policy applies to all custom group retreats, whether planned by retreat planners, guest facilitators, or group members.

Why do we have deposit protection?

By placing your deposit, you are committing to bringing a group to Northern Edge Algonquin on the date you have selected. This allows us to plan with you and ensure a private group retreat by closing the date to other groups – we do not book concurrent events or guests for overnight stays outside of retreat participants. This means that if a booked retreat is canceled, we may not have time to find another group to fill the space.

Your non-refundable deposit allows us make commitments to hosts, guest facilitators, guides, suppliers, & on-site support staff for your retreat. Much of our planning for your visit takes place months and even up to a year in advance. We also make purchases, prepare materials & spaces, plan menus and buy fresh food in anticipation of your visit.

In the event you cancel your retreat, the deposit (and other charges that are due up to that point) go directly towards covering these commitments and purchases, as well as compensating NEA for the loss of potential revenue for the date of your stay. While the funds paid in your deposit are used towards these costs and thus cannot be refunded, in some cases (see below) a partial credit may be made available for future use.

Group Payment Timelines

Our payment due dates are aligned with our cancellation timelines. Cancellations can be made by phone or email. Please inform us as early as possible if your plans change.

Upon placement of deposit:

  • You may cancel for a full refund within 48 hours of placing your deposit.
  • If you cancel after 48 hours, your deposit will be applied fully to the costs of cancellation and no amount of it shall be refunded or credited.
  • If you had begun to pay your remaining balance and you cancel 30+ days prior to arrival, those additional amounts paid will be refunded.

30 days prior to arrival day:

  • 50% of your overall balance is due by this date.
  • If a group cancellation occurs between 15 – 30 days prior to arrival, your deposit will still be applied fully to the costs of cancellation and no amount of it will be refunded or credited.
  • The remaining 50% you have paid shall not be refunded, but the amount minus the value of your deposit may be credited for future use in accordance with our Lifetime Credit Policy.
  • If you have paid in full, those portions that are not yet due shall be refunded.

15 days prior to arrival day:

  • Your full balance is due 15 days prior to arrival.
    In the event of a group cancellation within 15 days of arrival, no refunds are available.
  • 50% of your overall balance shall be applied to the costs of cancellation, and the remaining 50% paid may be credited in alignment with our Lifetime Credit Policy.

Cancellation made within 48 hours of arrival day, including non-arrivals:

  • By this point, we are fully prepared for your visit and are unable to provide refunds or credits of any type.
Late additions and cancellations:

We understand your group numbers may shift due to individual cancellations and late-joiners.
Providing the minimum number of 10 is attending, numbers may be reduced without penalty 15 days or more before arrival. We will adjust invoicing and the balance due will be adjusted. Within 15 days of arrival, the amount is non-refundable and it is recommended that group planners develop an aligned cancellation policy.
In the case registrations take place through Northern Edge Algonquin’s website or guest relations, our Guest Deposit Protection & Lifetime Credit Policy will stand in the case of these cancellations.

Registrations may happen at any time leading up to the retreat, and the balance due at that time shall be adjusted. Late registrants must fill in their guest questionnaire to report dietary and other needs immediately upon registration. Within 48 hours of the retreat, available space must be confirmed in advance. Same-day registrations are not possible.

Group Cancellations due to low numbers:

Retreats at the Edge require a minimum of 10 participants. In the case that minimum numbers are not reached 15 days prior to arrival, two options will be presented to the group planner in question, who must communicate their decision by 4:00pm of that day:

In the event we do not hear back from you about your decision to cancel or run the program by this date, we will automatically consider the event canceled in an effort to help you avoid late cancellation fees.

Important Information regarding Lifetime Credits:

As indicated above, in some cases an amount may be added to your Lifetime Credit.

Whereas the primary purpose of our group deposit is to commit to a date, and the funds are then used to plan the retreat and protect the date: the value of your Lifetime Credit cannot be re-used as a deposit. It can, however, be applied towards the later balance due for said event.

See the full Lifetime Credit Policy here.

Early Departure

As stated in our Acknowledgement and Release and outlined in our Deposit Protection & Lifetime Credit Policy, Northern Edge Algonquin reserves the right to require a guest to leave prior to the scheduled end of their stay when such departure is deemed necessary for the well-being of our staff and/or other guests.

Guests may also choose to depart early of their own accord.

Refunds and credits are never available in the case of early departure, nor shall Northern Edge Algonquin be responsible for any additional expenses (ie: transportation) created by the early departure.

This policy also stands in the case that such a departure is deemed necessary for or by the full group.

Event Cancellation:

If Northern Edge Algonquin chooses to cancel your visit prior to your arrival due to any reason other than low numbers (for which the group planner is the responsible party), you are entitled to either:

Please note, NEA is not responsible for incidental expenses or consequential losses (such as non-refundable travel costs, loss of earnings) incurred in the event of cancellation. Check with your airline or travel planner for cancellation policies upon making travel arrangements.