Deposit Protection & Lifetime Credit Policy

Plans change, and sometimes travellers are unable to attend for reasons out of their control.

The Edge protects our experiences while respecting your finances with our Deposit Protection & Lifetime Credit policy for individual travellers, and our Group Deposit Protection Policy for groups.

The following policy applies to all retreats which individuals can book through Northern Edge Algonquin. The Edge often partners with studios, associations, and facilitators to deliver retreats – if you register through such a partner, please review their cancellation policies, as they are responsible for managing funds for the event.

Why do we have deposit protection?

Your non-refundable deposit or enrolment fee allows us make commitments to hosts, facilitators, guides, suppliers, & on-site support staff for your retreat. Much of our planning for your visit takes place months and even up to a year in advance.  We also make purchases, prepare materials & spaces, plan menus and buy fresh food to support programs based on your registration.

Our programs require a minimum number of registrants, and once that number is reached our guests and staff make travel arrangements while we prepare for the event, all with the assurance that the program will run.  Deposits help us protect our ability to offer these programs even in the event that some participants cancel their attendance.

Due to our high staff to guest ratio, the addition of one or two guests on an experience can result in additional staff making commitments to work with us for the duration of your visit. To ensure the best experience possible, we make commitments to facilitators and guides at the earliest possible date.

While the funds paid in your deposit are used towards the retreat experience and thus cannot be refunded, we do offer a credit to be used toward a future event:

Lifetime Credit:

Your deposit is protected. If your trip is cancelled or delayed by you, we will credit you for the amount of your deposit. Whether you opt to use this credit for the same experience in the future, register for a different retreat, save it up for a rainy day, gift it to a friend, or donate it, we’ve got you covered.

How you can use your Lifetime Credit:

Lifetime Credits are never refundable in cash, but:

  • Your credit can be immediately applied to any experience available in our booking calendar, whether it’s the same retreat or a different event.
  • If you’re not sure your availability, your credit can be held indefinitely, until you’re ready to use it.
  • Valid only for new registrations: you can transfer your credit to a friend or acquaintance.  You can gift it (we’ll even provide a gift certificate), or you could figure out a fair exchange.
  • If you’d like to plan a custom group retreat with your community, you’ll be able to apply the credit to your balance for that event.  (Your credit cannot be used as a new group deposit, as an upfront financial committment is required to reserve the date.)
  • If you’re feeling generous, you can donate your credit to our Way of the Circle Scholarship Fund (thus sponsoring someone seeking financial assistance to attend a retreat), or donate to our Edge Greening Fund to support our eco-development.

Other important information:

  • The value of the Lifetime Credit is limited to the amount of the original deposit.  Ie: if the deposit of the new retreat being booked requires a deposit higher than this amount, the difference will be due at the time of booking.  If the value of the Lifetime Credit exceeds the total cost of the new registration, there will be no credit or refund of the difference.
  • If you need to cancel a second visit for which you’ve used your Lifetime Credit from a previous booking, those funds will not be credited again.
  • If you are planning a custom group retreat or event, please review our Groups Deposit Policy here.

Cancellation Timelines

Cancellations can be made by phone or email. Please inform us as early as possible if your plans change.

Cancellation made 15+ days prior to arrival day:

Cancellation made 2 – 15 days prior to arrival day:

Cancellation made within 48 hours of arrival day, including non-arrivals:

Refund Processing Fees

As outlined above, refunds for guest cancellations are not available. In the rare case that a refund is offered by NEA for your cancellation, we reserve the right to charge a 6% processing fee. This covers what our credit card processor charged us to process your original payment, which is not refunded to us. You can avoid this fee by paying via e-transfer.

Early Departure

As stated in our Acknowledgement and Release, Northern Edge Algonquin reserves the right to ask a guest to leave prior to the scheduled end of their stay when deemed necessary for the well-being of our staff and/or other guests.  

Guests may also choose to depart early of their own accord.

Refunds and credits are never available in the case of early departure, nor shall Northern Edge Algonquin be responsible for any additional expenses (ie: transportation) created by the early departure.

Program Cancellation:

If we cancel an experience due to under-enrollment you’ll receive a minimum of two weeks notice and your choice of the following:

Please note, NEA is not responsible for incidental expenses or consequential losses (such as non-refundable travel costs, loss of earnings) incurred in the event of cancellation. Check with your airline or travel planner for cancellation policies upon making travel arrangements.

Covid 19 Cancellations

Deposits for both guests and facilitators are currently refundable at any time leading up to a retreat experience if a cancellation occurs as a result of government-mandated closures, or the appearance of any Covid-19 related symptoms. This allows us to safely move forward with retreat experiences, keeping both our own and your minds at ease that everyone on site will be happy and healthy.  Learn more here.