Canadian Centre for Shamanic Studies

Since 1996, we have offered a variety of shamanic workshops and trainings, nature adventures, and healing retreats.

Shamanism experiences at the Edge are enhanced through our immersion in the beauty of nature at our retreat centre. Connecting with the wisdom of the spirits of the seasons, the elements, the nature beings, and our innate soul connection to the earth, we enliven our empowerment and deepen in our healing capability. Journeying deep within, we utilize our natural senses to find the answers. 

A subsidiary of Northern Edge Algonquin Retreat and Awareness Centre, CCSS is dedicated to fostering leaders and growing sustainable community in the strengthening Way of the Circle. In the unified shape of the circle, we recognize the infinite potential of what we can achieve together as an empowered community.

Our programming begins with the Heart Foundations of Shamanism, a series of four seasonal gatherings in which participants can take in any order. These create a foundation for living in ceremony and the Way of the Circle. Heart Foundations of Shamanism are prerequisites for other CCSS programs. Such other programs are co-created by active circle members and what they are yearning for and dreaming of at the time, i.e. the Soul Pathways one year program in 2015, or the Algonquin Journey: Reconnecting with the Songlines of Nature one year program in 2017.  Those who commit to gradually deepening on the Spiral Path of Learning have the opportunity to evolve into mentors and co-facilitators of CCSS programs, as well as join as a member of our CCSS guiding council.


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Nourishing connection to Spirit, honouring ancient wisdom, co-creating Love, Unity and Peace. ~ CCSS Guiding Inspiration

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Some words from our guests :

  • "Heart Flow of Shamanism was without a doubt the most deeply extraordinary experience that I've ever had which provided me with clarity and assurance that nature knows the way, when we are truly connected within ourselves and are brave and willing -- deep down we know the way, and that when we hold a dream within a community we can co-create the way. The way to love, to peace, to acceptance, to balance, to harmony, to beauty --- I'm on my way."
    -Courtney Sinclair, May 2016
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  • "As you are driving down the road, becoming unplugged to the world around, you can reconnect with your core, discovering who you are and embracing your belonging. Nature has a way of creating a deep play for young ones, but also for adults too. At the Edge, I was able to dream, create, and become mindful at the moment, leading by my heart centre."
    -Jennifer Casement Buttineau, Barrie, September 2018
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  • "As soon as I arrived, I knew this was my home away from home. I had found my shamanic family. Martha and the circle of facilitators she has trained are all highly skilled shamanic practitioners, heart-centred and integrity based . . ."
    -Jan Beaver, July 2015
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  • "It’s difficult to put into words just how much transformation can come from a weekend where all we do is eat and breathe into the question of creation, and dig into ourselves in a way we might not in our ordinary reality ...  Something changed in me. Something deep in the roots of my heart and something that outreached beyond myself."
    -Vanessa Brown, Trout Creek, February 2018
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