Spaces & Amenities

Where to gather at the Edge

At Northern Edge, we only host one retreat group at a time.  That means that in addition to meals, accommodation, and provided activities, groups have use of a variety of gathering spaces to use for programming or during free time.

Grandmother Cedar House: Wood-fired Sauna

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Fire Circles

The Edge has three fire circles on-site.

Uppermost is our small fire circle by the Highlander House & Rocky the Roman Black Oven is a great spot to visit while waiting for your pizza to be fired up.

In the forest, our largest fire circle is a great space for larger groups & is occasionally used as a workshop space.

StoneHedge Fire Circle, our original Northern Edge fire circle is located on the waterfront, right by the labyrinth.

Rocky, the Roman Black Oven

Photos & a story about Rocky coming soon!

The Yoga Dock

Photos of our iconic floating platform coming soon!

Points North

Named for the stone compass Gregor embedded in the floor in 1997, Points North is a gathering area open to our guests 24 hours a day.

Workshops, retreats, ceremonies, and yoga sessions are held upstairs in the Dragonfly room, while downstairs features a comfortable lounge stocked with Algonquin Tea Co. teas.

Bathrooms & shower rooms are also located in Points North, just a minute’s walk away from your cabin.

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Main House

Main House is the location of our main Dining Room, as well as two guest rooms (most often used for facilitators & guests with special needs.)  A small lending library is available for guests to borrow a book during their stay, and the newly expanded Hive Deck is an attached outdoor gathering space along the waterfront.

See the dining room:

Main House is the home to the Lucier Family, who are very happy to have so many wonderful guests visiting.  The upstairs of Main House is reserved for use by the Lucier Family during most retreats, though for some larger groups the upstairs Butterfly Room is made available for Yoga or large workshops.

See the Butterfly Room:

Forests, Lakes, Trails, and more:

Northern Edge Algonquin is surrounded by forests ripe for exploration featuring the Forgotten Trails, with Kawawaymog Lake, Blueberry Island, and the Amable du Fond river which leads into Algonquin Park itself.  We encourage all our guests to spend time in nature during their visit.

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