The Habit Reset

In a nourishing & supportive community environment, we create personal core habits and supportive routines to support transformation & wellbeing. . .

The Habit Reset is an immersive retreat experience for individuals seeking wellbeing, transformation, and wishing for a reset. Join a supportive community with diverse goals and values as we create personal habits & routines that will help us step into who we want to be and how we want to be living.

Designing our lives on PURPOSE to support our dreams!

Whether your goals have to do with health & wellness (or “Wellth”), balance, career, or joy – this is your opportunity to dream big, create patterns, environments, and habits that will help you to achieve those dreams, and be accountable to yourself. You will walk away from this retreat with clear goals aligned with your core values, and a handful of simple habits to practice to help embody them.

During this 4 day, 3 night retreat, we will actively:

Following the retreat, a series of 4 weekly follow-up Zoom calls will help to participants to build accountability while joining a private, online community of support with other Habit Reset attendees.

Habit Reset Pricing:

All-inclusive: The Habit Reset Program, all meals from arrival day dinner to departure day lunch, comfortable forest accommodation, program materials, equipment, facilitation, and administration are all included, from $1199/person.


  • Transformational Retreat Program: $300/person
  • 4 days, 3 nights of cozy, private cabin accommodations and nourishing, nutritious meals and snacks (locally sourced and catered to your dietary needs), from $899/person depending on choice of cabin.

September 15 – 18, 2022

Time, energy, care, and attention into ourselves is the most important investment we will ever make as our mind and body is our principal asset. We can create abundant lives, full of richness in energy, health, happiness, resiliency, and joy through the implementation of core habits. Compounding healthy habits we act in the interest of our best selves, seeing a return on our investment in all areas of our lives, expanding our potential for “Wellth”.

Some words from our guests :